Why Exactly Should Employers Use a Recruiter?

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The simple answer? The reality of hiring independently is that it’s never that easy. Whilst it’s true that you can post your job ad online, the truth is – it takes considerable time and money to find the right person for the job. Here’s a few reasons why it’s more effective (and often cheaper) to work with a recruitment expert. Why Working with a Recruiter Works

  1. It protects your confidentiality. Are you concerned about letting your competitors know about your plans for expansion? Advertising a job online immediately tells the world about your intentions, which may not be what you want. It can cause unrest among your existing staff and also affect share prices. A recruiter acts as a middle-man – maintaining your confidentiality until you’re ready to announce your plans.
  2. It saves you from a bad hire. In today’s competitive market, you need to source great talent if you want to thrive. An ideal candidate could generate thousands of pounds worth of new business. A poor hire may lose you customers, not to mention ruffle the feathers of your other valued team members. A good recruiter knows exactly what to look for when hiring on your behalf – which minimises the chances of hiring the wrong person.
  3. Active, rather than passive hiring. How many hours can you devote to finding the perfect candidate? If you’re like most business owners, the answer is probably not that many. So, you post an ad on a social media site, and you hope for the best. This is a very passive approach, which only generates limited results. Recruiters are far more active. They headhunt. They seek out prime candidates before you need them – and have them lined up, ready to fill your vacant position. It makes the process faster and more effective.
  4. You’ll benefit from inside knowledge. Think of recruitment experts as London cab drivers. We’ve got The Knowledge, so we know our way around the job market. We target your search, and connect you to the right people for the role. Without this hallowed knowledge, you’re inevitably going to be left feeling lost – and run a far greater risk of heading straight towards the wrong person.
  5. You’ll get value for money. Recruitment experts are a bit like accountants. Yes, you could complete your accounts yourself. However, the time it takes, not to mention the hassle, makes it far more cost-effective to hire an experienced accountant (not to mention the fact that they’ll probably save you money in taxes). Likewise, a recruiter will find you the right candidate in a far shorter period of time – saving you money in terms of reduced productivity, loss of sales, and additional training for someone who’s not 100% right for the job.
  6. Find the best candidates. Do you think the finest candidates trawl the job sites? Absolutely not! They’ve already been headhunted by recruitment experts, and they’re simply waiting for the right role to come to them. A good recruiter will even approach people who are already employed, providing they’re the best of the best. Work with a recruiter, and you’ll have immediate access to the cream of the crop.
  7. Less headache. Let’s be honest, finding the right candidate involves a lot of effort. The process of preparing a job advertisement, reading CVs and arranging interviews is incredibly time-consuming. A recruiter takes all these tasks on for you (even signing contracts). We pre-screen all candidates, which ensures no time-wasting individuals make it to interview stage. The result for you? You get to focus on other aspects of your business – and it’s one less thing to worry about.
  8. Get the bigger picture. Here’s an alarmingly common scenario. The (seemingly) ideal candidate saunters into interview; wows you with their smooth answers, and gets the job. A year later, they’ve handed in their notice to explore the world, or to move on to another company – which was part of their plans – only unfortunately, you didn’t know about it! Avoid this situation by working with a recruiter. They’ll ascertain whether the candidate is as good as they claim, and they’ll also find out their long-term plans. If the job-seeker only sees your job as a stop-gap, that doesn’t mean we won’t tell you about them – but it does mean we’ll give you warning!
  9. Reduce awkwardness. Both prospective employees and employers alike often hate talking salaries. When it comes to money matters, it’s often awkward expressing what you want – which is where a recruiter can come in handy. They’ll do all the negotiating for you; and make sure both you and the candidate are happy so there’s no awkwardness created before their first day.

Look for a Recruiter Who…

  1. Takes the time to get to know your company. After all, how can they find the right person for the job if they don’t understand what your business needs?
  2. Knows the market. To recruit successfully, they need to have a firm grasp on the current market, and understand the unique requirements of your industry.
  3. Offers confidentiality. You may not want others to know you’re hiring. A good recruiter will maintain complete confidentiality throughout.
  4. Plans ahead. A great recruiter will make it their task to know everyone looking for jobs in your industry. They may already have the perfect candidate lined up – and if not, they’ll know exactly where to find them.
  5. Can access CVs. They’ll have been reading CVs for years and will know what to look for.
  6. Will aim to save you money. Yes, they’ll charge a fee. But their main aim is for you to feel you’re getting value for money. A good recruiter wants to build a long-term relationship with your company – and as a result, won’t just be focused on the profits.
  7. Will be proactive. An experienced recruitment expert will also offer you advice and suggestions, designed to boost the potential of your business. For example, they might get in touch with details about a fantastic candidate (even if you’re employing at full capacity) who will generate considerable revenue for your company.

A Great Recruiter?

A great recruiter is worth the money you invest in them. They’ll bring more than just good candidates to your business. They’ll actively work to generate profit for your company. They’ll be your brand supporter in the marketplace, and a valuable pair of eagle-eyes on the market. In short, working with an experienced, expert recruiter is an excellent investment.


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